92.5 XTU - Philadelphia's Country Station

Project Description

At 92.5 XTU, a radio station located in Philadelphia, I worked with a variety of stakeholders to grow the station’s audience and profits.  Utilizing my creative and digital strengths, I collaborated with the Sales, Programming, and Promotions departments as well as the company’s Corporate team to develop a successful and cohesive digital strategy.  In executing, we created new products and innovated processes to create efficiencies and increase our value proposition for both clients and listeners.  Approaching all work with a customer centric focus and nimble mindset lead to full ecosystem being created, with digital and social contributing to an increased listenership as well as sales and vice versa.  In addition, revenues rose and the station garnered multiple awards and acknowledgements including a Radio Ink Digital Convergence Award and ACM Award.

01.  Product Development

Collaborated extensively with corporate development teams to iterate and roll out digital assets that provided increased business value and improves user experiences.  Developed a variety of products with local teams using lean methodologies to create new revenue streams and grow station’s audience.

02.  Digital Strategy

Developed cohesive digital strategies integrating across station’s programming, promotion and sales departments in order to create a complete experience for audiences and clients.  Using a continuous feedback cycle allowed for real time optimization of strategy and increased engagement.

03.  Branding & Creative Direction

Collaborated with station stakeholders to align art direction and design, further building upon station’s branding and strategy.  Carrying these elements throughout all of the firm’s assets and decision making strengthened the station’s brand equity at both a local and national level.