Recording Artist

Project Description

Collaborated with record label representatives and radio station Program Directors to develop unique interactive campaigns and initiatives for recording artists. Designed and produced both digital and physical products to communicate each artist’s brand and message to audiences in the Greater Philadelphia area. Oversaw each campaign and modified when needed to improve audience engagement, increase registrations, drive song/record sales and even attendance.


01.  Product Development

Designed, developed and tested digital products to feature artist new releases with the opportunity for audiences to purchase, learn about the artist, find show dates and engage their social channels.

02.  Project Management

Oversaw all aspects of projects, actively communicated with stakeholders to adjust and execute on timelines and expectations.  Built rapport and trust with constituents to further advise of future evolution of projects.

03.  Strategic Planning

Set priorities, focused energy and resources to capitalize on radio stations operational strengths and align artist projects with the appropriate station assets/initiatives in order to reach artist and label’s business goals.